We exist to support and empower individuals and organizations in the field of wearable machines. Our team provides professional technical and business consulting services to the organizations and individuals developing, implementing, and investing in wearable, prosthetic, orthotic, and exoskeleton technology solutions. Continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of the field, our services extend the full breadth of the ideation process, from investment and research to manufacturing and distribution. Below are three ways we work collaboratively with our clients and partners.  If you don’t fit any of the examples below, please fill out our form and we will be in touch with you.

Our raison d’etre! We care about bringing real solutions to real people. This is what drives the work that we do. Realize Labs envisions a world where innovation in wearable machines includes, impacts, and benefits individuals.

  • Helping you envision tech solutions that would actually work for you
  • Secure support and navigate hurdles, encouraging institutions and providers to think outside of the box

Identifying problems and developing solutions involves many minds. We serve as a partner in sustaining innovation that works in the real world. We’re focused on:

  • Building collaborative teams: convening folks the right expertise that can implement solutions efficiently around a shared vision

  • Managing & enhancing the innovation pipeline from education to research & development to productization & commercialization to understanding opportunity gaps in standard practice

  • Embodying human-centered & evidence-based methodologies in everything that we do

Accelerating growth of the industry requires the financial support of investors, and we can assist the investment community in a number of ways.

  • Market research / opportunity analysis
  • Sourcing investment targets
  • Validating technical research, IP based ventures
  • Project management 
  • Investment diligence prior to check-writing
  • Other derisking mechanisms

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