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Mark Heckmann

Mark Heckmann


Wanting to satisfy his many professional curiosities, Mark has started and operated many companies since he finished his Masters degree in Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University. His ventures range from SaaS-based advertising technology, franchise home improvement businesses, an ecommerce lavender business, web development for small retailers and politicians, and other consulting projects through The Crooked Company. Mark has also worked “on the other side of the table,” having previously served as the Director of Platform for RevUp Capital in the Boston/Providence area. Anything related to commercialization, financial modeling and fundraising is squarely up his alley.

‘Mark is captivated by both the potential and the difficulty that is unique to building successful ventures in wearable technology. His co-founding of Realize Labs signals his belief that not only is there plenty of good work to be done in this industry, but that Realize can approach the work with the nimble, opportunistic mindset that can be the difference between launching and shelving a wearable machine innovation.

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