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We aim to first understand barriers to progress, then to explore the possibilities for technology to unlock human potential, and finally to realize solutions that work for all stakeholders.

The wearable technology industry’s innovators, clientele, and ecosystem demand improvements in process, capitalization, people, and product.  Realize Labs aspires to drive these improvements as doers, domain experts, and allies.


Are you an individual excited about finding wearable solutions that actually work? Let us support your journey of designing, validating, and acquiring solutions that will transform for your life.


Are you an innovator with a bold vision looking for ways to clear the many hurdles in your path? Don’t do it alone – bring on the technical and operational support you need.


Are you an investor seeking growth opportunities in wearable tech? We have the expertise and commercialization capabilities to de-risk your investments and maximize returns.

Our Team Has Worked With

ATDev (Assistive Technology Development) is on a mission to develop and commercialize best in class medical devices that shape the future of mobility.

University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Prosthetics & Orthotics ProgramDr. Goeran Fiedler

Vessl Prosthetics Inc.’s mission is to make a fulfilling life more comfortable. Their first product, the IsoformTM transtibial socket, automatically adjusts to changes in residual leg size to provide constant comfortable fit. This socket will help amputees overcome obstacles and realize their full potential.

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